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Legacy Gifts

Legacy SocietyGMHC’s planned giving program, The Legacy Society, is a movement of individual GMHC donors who have made a forward-thinking commitment to ending HIV/AIDS by including GMHC as a beneficiary of their wills, retirement plans, life insurance, trusts or other estate-planning vehicles. We invite you to join this group and to include us in your legacy planning. Your participation will ensure that critical services are delivered compassionately to those most in need, from now until the day this epidemic has finally been eradicated. A number of options are outlined on the following page.

Including GMHC in your will, retirement plans or other estate planning is a noble way to focus your legacy on ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Supporting GMHC’s work through estate planning ensures that you are leaving a legacy for continued care for those living with HIV, as well as prevention for a new generation who are at high risk of contracting the virus. It may also offer you significant tax benefits.

Options for Planned Giving

Charitable Bequests: By including GMHC in their wills, donors can sustain our critical work without giving up crucial assets needed during their lifetimes. Bequests can take the form of a specific sum or percentage of an estate. Or a donor can designate the remainder of their estate after other beneficiaries have received the portion designated for them. A contingent bequest designates GMHC as contingent beneficiary.

Retirement Assets: To bequeath retirement assets, a donor names GMHC as primary or contingent beneficiary of all, or part of a retirement plan. When the donor passes away, or if
the donor’s primary beneficiary does not survive the donor, remaining assets pass to GMHC.

Life Insurance Assets: Donors can leverage modest premium payments into a significant contribution to GMHC. A donor can simply name GMHC as the primary or contingent beneficiary of all, or a portion of the proceeds of your policy.

Charitable Trusts: Donors can provide for their loved ones immediately while also supporting GMHC. They transfer assets to a trust, which then provides income to your partner, children, a friend, or even yourself over a period of time. After that period, the principal passes to GMHC.

Charitable Lead Trusts: Donors can create a charitable lead trust by transferring assets to the trust. The trust then pays GMHC an annual income for a fixed number of years, after
which the principal from the trust reverts to the donor, or their partner/children or any other beneficiaries they designate.

For Tax & Financial Professionals

Please ask your clients to allow you to notify us if we have been included in their plans so that we may welcome them into The Legacy Society, our recognition group for those that have included  GMHC in their estate plans. Please send us their name and address so that we may thank them, and inquire about their preferred listing for our annual report and website.

Contact Information

For more information about The Legacy Society, please contact:
David Pais: (212) 367-1386





Download the Legacy Gift Form here to notify GMHC of your gift.